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The scope of GTEC’s material management includes new piece part development, material planning, purchasing, supplier quality management, warehouse management etc.  The planning team works closely with the customer to ensure data accuracy of MRP which is used for analysis.  The Just-In-Time approach is widely used to keep inventory as low as possible.


The purchasing team which is located in the China facility purchases all the materials throughout the World to get the lowest possible cost. We leverage our resources in China, Norway and the United States for our customer's benefit in purchasing.  This all helps to reduce the total product cost.  They also work closely with the SQE and the DE in the development of new piece parts or new suppliers.  By passing the stringent qualification process, we ensure that the new suppliers sourced are meeting the necessary requirements and are capable of providing piece parts ready for production use.


We use our BI system to support Management on material management.  The master data in ERP could be exported to BI for reporting, analysis and support decision making as well.


Everything we do is driven by a very clear objective: to reduce cost for customer.


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