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GTEC provides full repair and refurbishment for Data Storage Products from complete assembly of Autoloader/Library or Tape Drive down to critical components like Head, Drum/Scanner, Actuator… We are a IBM approved repair service center.  We also provide repair service on PCBA of various product lines like Server, Tape drive, Library, Printer, Modem etc.


Our repair team has 20+ years experience on Tape head, Drive and Autoloader/Library manufacturing and testing. The repair workshop is ESD controlled with over 1,000 Sqm of space.

We have high specification equipment for failure analysis and repairing.  Our in-house Machine Shop is able to supply mechanical components for internal repair use as well as external customers demand.


Repair / Inspection Equipments:
●  Drum contour reconditioning machine
●  Radius contour reconditioning machine
●  Flat contour reconditioning machine
●  Precision mechanical alignment equipment
●  Optical equipment for aligning Head in Drive
●  Testing and Inspection
●  Dynamic Head tester
●  High power microscope inspection station
●  Drive level testing
Analysis Equipments:
●  QST MR saturation tester
●  Wyko, Tencor, Tape Space Analyzer, AFM/MFM M/C, etc.
●  Chamber and Chemical Lab facilities

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