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Home - Engineering ServicesEngineering Services

In order to provide outstanding Contract Manufacturing or Electronic Manufacturing Services to our customers, GTEC's high mix of skilled engineers is a key element.  Our engineers have expertise in various fields, including product design, prototyping, mechanical engineering, electronic engineering etc.  We firmly believe our diversified expertise can help you succeed.



# TOPProduct Development

GTEC can support product development to customers in different forms.  We may provide complete product design solutions, starting from a sketch from your design team, or we may participate in the product design work.  Our design solutions do not just create design ideas in drawings, but can also be realized

at the lowest cost, and help you to introduce them to the market.


# TOPMechanical

Our mechanical engineers are very experienced in the data storage market.  With the advantage of their deep knowledge and hands-on capability, GTEC can offer remarkable mechanical design

services to our customers.




# TOPElectronic

GTEC provides a one stop electronic engineering services.  This includes Printed Circuit Board (PCB) layout design,  Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA) functional test design, final product

testing design and product reliability test and validation.




# TOPPrototyping

Customer prototype manufacturing is always urgent.  It is not a planning problem, but a real market demand.  To support such a rapid market demand, GTEC is staffed with experienced technicians for building prototypes.  With the support of our in-house machine shop, they can complete the prototype build within a very short period of time.


# TOPTool/Fixture

Our in-house machine shop engineers are equipped with unique tool/fixture design and manufacture capabilities for internal manufacturing.  In addition, we also offer our customers turnkey service for tool/fixture development. 




# TOPManufacturing

GTEC’s manufacturing engineering team takes the total responsibility to support production in various areas.  These include:

Engineering Documents:
●  Manufacturing Instructions
●  Process Flow Charts
●  Process Qualification Plan & Reports
●  Quality Plans
●  BOMs
●  ECOs ...

Production Line:
●  Process Time / Motion studies
●  Fixture design
●  Line layout design / set up
●  Process qualification
●  Equipment transfer from customer ...

# TOPQuality

Our quality engineering team consists of diversified expertise from incoming inspection, in process, outgoing as well as internal system audit.  They get involved in project development at an early stage.  The quality plan established by Manufacturing Engineering must be approved by the quality team before production.  This ensures that the quality control requirements defined in the document is in full compliance with the product specifications.  They also work closely with customers to determine the quality objectives for continual improvement.

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